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Supplier evaluation:

Supplier production capacity, unit price, quality, delivery time review scores;

This requirement is listed as qualified supplier list;

Unqualified supplier:

Review production capacity, unit price, quality, delivery time, scoring is not required, suppliers are included in substandard suppliers;

Raw materials cannot be purchased from unqualified suppliers;

Raw materials purchasing :

Search for suppliers of corresponding specifications;

Parity, negotiation, quality requirements, delivery schedule, purchase order;


IQC sampling shall be carried out for each batch according to samples, drawings, “counting sampling inspection methods, operation instructions” and “inspection standards for incoming materials”;

Qualified post green OK label for use, unqualified red label return processing;

defective products opening "incoming material abnormal report" to inform PMC, warehouse, purchase returns processing.

Warehouse storage:

ERP system, material identification card;

Check the qualified materials and semi-finished products and put them in the appropriate place;

Material protection against moisture sun protection.

Material production:

Warehouse stock corresponding number according to the "requisition";

The production of materials to the corresponding production group.

Machine production:

Production line according to BOM, "production order", "operating instructions" for the first sample production;

First inspection:

The first QC test photoelectric parameter record saves the data and checks whether it matches the “contract order”;

Check production process, appearance, etc;

First inspection qualified signed OK words, failed to sign NG;

fill in the "first item confirmation form" inform the production department, engineering department, quality department.

Self inspection of each process:

Train all positions and hold special posts for induction;

After the station operator has finished the work, check that the product conforms to the standard of operation;

Conduct a mutual inspection of the previous order;

Identify defective products and notify relevant personnel. Bad rate exceeds standard requirement and shall be reported.


Sampling 5PCS inspection or inspection of group stations every half hour

Sampling / inspection failed to require the station operator to correct, correct and then test 5PCS this station was qualified;

Many times failed to inform the production team leader, request training or transferred from the post;

Fill in "IPQC patrol line report”.

Full inspection, re-operation, repair:

According to "contract order", "SOP", "LED process inspection standards" and so on, QC conducts a full inspection of semi-finished products manufactured on line;

The signs of bad products are reworked or repaired.

Direct scrap:

The materials or semi-finished products which are judged by QC to be defective and not to be repaired shall be scrapped;

The warehouse and production line shall be scrapped for materials or semi-finished goods which are not used in stock.


QC is responsible for the determination of semi-finished or finished products which are out of order;

To degrade or compromise it;

Analysis and improvement of production process:

The defective product exceeds the standard to analyze the production process;

Analysis of the causes (bad materials, poor operation, poor design, poor process, data, drawings, errors, etc.);

Improvement and follow up according to bad reason.

Investigation and analysis / implementation responsibility:

QC open "quality exception sheet" and notify relevant department;

Corresponding responsible departments fill in corrective actions.

Take corrective / preventive measures:

Correct and prevent the possible problems of line, process, transportation and product protection;

Correct and prevent customer feedback issues.

Shipment sampling inspection:

Shipment QA according to "contract order", "SOP", "LED process inspection standards", packaging materials and so on, the appearance and packaging of random inspection;

Integral spherical photoelectric parameter sampling inspection.

IES test sampling inspection;

OQC test:

OQC according to "contract orders", "SOP", "LED process inspection standards", packaging materials, 100% full inspection performance test;

Inspection of qualified products for packaging, cover OQC, PASS seal warehousing shipment;

Unqualified product rework, exceed bad standard to open "quality exception list" or "corrective / preventive action list";

Fill in the “shipping inspection report”.

Customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction survey:

The business segment collects customer information from “customer satisfaction survey”;

Corrective / preventive actions based on feedback results.

Record archives:

Archive “customer satisfaction questionnaire”;

The corresponding responsible department fill in the "corrective / preventive action list" and supervise the implementation.