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Heat is unavoidable in the work of all electronic products and must be reduced. LED products convert about 20% of the power into light and 80% to heat. If the heat is concentrated in a very small chip and can not be effectively dispersed, it will lead to a series of problems such as the temperature rise of the chip, the nonuniform distribution of thermal stress, the  decrease of the chip luminous efficiency and the phosphor efficiency. According to the law of Arrhenius, temperature per reduction of 10 - degree,lifespan will has 2 - fold increase. Therefore, the low operating temperature is very important for the LED, which is also a significant feature of LED lighting compared with traditional lighting. Our engineers use the heat dissipation structure and heat dissipation material to make the best heat dissipation.

Custom process:

FY has 10 years of manufacturing experience in the LED industry. After a long period of research and testing, our experience is sufficient to provide quality assurance for our products.

Custom details:

Submission Requirements : The customer made the requirements for the LED chips.

R & D check : After receiving the customer's requirements, the R & D department will have a preliminary check.

Develop program : After the approval, R & D department began to develop the program.

Sample Test : After the program, the sample will be taken and tested.

Customer Acceptance : The sample data report will review compliance with the requirements of the customer.

Put into production : After the sample is passed, we will carry out the mass production.

Since 2008, FY has been independently designing and developing LED lighting fixtures. Our factory has been manufacturing for over 10 years, We continue to break the boundaries of technology, so that our products can have better performance.