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In FY, our R & D team has extensive experience in lighting, optics and other specializations to ensure that we can cater for the exclusive design and the customization of components and kits. All R & D staff has more than 5 years work experience in the LED industry , especially, the R & D director work in the LED industry over 10 years and access to a number of patents, our R&D team has helped 100,000 + customers to solve the Lighting certification issues.

Certification process:

FY has 10 years of manufacturing experience in the LED industry. After a long period of research and testing, our experience is sufficient to provide quality assurance for our products.

Custom details

Product Requirements Analysis : Analysis of the Requirements of customers

Product Certification Project : Development for the upcoming product

Draw up solution and product design : Draw up lighting solution and design product

Sample and testing : Production sample and a series of product testing

Customer Acceptance : The sample data report will be checked by the customer if the request could be passed

Certification and trial production : If the sample passed, our factory will trial production, and obtain the related certification

Mass production : If the certification and trial production passed, workshop for mass production

Since 2008, FY has been independently designing and developing LED lighting fixtures. Our factory has been manufacturing for over 10 years, We continue to break the boundaries of technology, so that our products can have better performance.